Popular Chef To Open New Restaurants In Deep Deuce

Monday, March 13th 2017, 9:58 pm
By: News 9

A trio of new restaurants will soon be moving into Deep Deuce at 4th Street and Walnut.  

Chef Andrew Black, who was known for his role in re-opening the historic downtown Skirvin Hotel 10 years ago, plans to open La Baguette Express, Meatball House and More, and Grey Sweater Restaurant and Lounge. 

All three will be housed in the same building that currently also houses phase two of The Maywood Apartments.  

Black said two of the eateries will be patterned after two of his other restaurants in Norman, but the menus at 4th and Walnut will be more extensive.  

He says the menu at La Baguette Express will be like “a coffee shop on steroids.”

“You can get cured sliced meats by the pound, cheeses, lots of desserts, lots of pastries, soups, salads, just quick things to go,” he said.  

Black said he and his business partner Rudy Khouri plan to have all three businesses up and running by the end of this year.

“Before the year is out. Before the year is out. You know with these things I tell you, you know it doesn’t matter how much you nail it down, the date, it will never happen on that day,” he said. “Stay tuned, right?”