Cleaning Lady Assaulted, Locked In Closet In NW OKC

Thursday, March 30th 2017, 3:10 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City police arrest a Northwest Oklahoma City man, accused of beating up a woman hired to clean the condo he was staying in - he's also accused of locking her in his closet.

Officers arrested Joseph Glenn Beard, 53, at the condo Wednesday night. This after a neighbor called police saying she heard screaming and crying coming from home.

Court records state when officers arrived to the Nantucket Condos located near Britton Rd. and May Ave., they had to wait several minutes for Beard to respond and open the door. The affidavit states when he did, he claimed there was nobody there with him. But when police started searching, he confessed there was-and pointed to the closet.

Beard is being held on a $105,000 bond, accused of kidnapping, assault and sexual battery.

“This man had assaulted her and then sexually assaulted her, beat her significantly and then locked her in a closet where she could not get out,” said MSgt. Gary Knight.

The police report reveals the woman was hired by the owner of the condo to help clean up some damage that had reportedly been caused by Beard.

“The apartment had a number of holes punched in the walls, a number of things broken,” said Knight.

Court papers state the woman who was assaulted claimed Beard had come home to the condo on Wednesday, and was very intoxicated and high on crack when he became aggressive with her, and started beating and groping her. He even forced her to watch him touch himself.

The police report states the victim showed police the numerous bruises on her arms, legs, back and face – and told police she begged Beard not to rape her - and did everything she could to fight off his advances.

But as she ran to try to get away, he grabbed her, threw her into a closet, and locked the door.

“And then she was held captive inside the closet for a number of hours before officers were able to finally free her and get her some help,” said Knight. “There's simply no telling what kind of ending this story could have had had the neighbor not picked up the phone and dialed 911.”

Court papers reveal the woman may have been locked up for more than five hours in that locked closet without any access to food or water. Police made sure to get her help when they found her.