Medical Device Stolen From Family's NW OKC Home

Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 10:11 pm
By: News 9

An 11-year-old special needs girl, who can’t walk or talk, just had the most important thing in her world — besides her parents — ripped from her.

Her parents’ northwest Oklahoma City home was burglarized over the weekend.

Among the things stolen was a device called a Tobii device. The child, whose name is Mia, uses it to communicate.  

“It literally opens the door to communication for her,” said Kelli Dupuy, of Special Care in northwest Oklahoma City. “She has had this device for three years. For the three years, she’s been able to communicate, express her feelings, her needs, by looking at this device, and it tracks her motions.”  

The $15,000 device is unique only to Mia, which means no one else can use it. Replacing it with insurance will still cost the family $3,000, which is money they don’t have.  

Whoever stole it can still do something good by dropping it off at a police station or just drop it off at the front door of News 9.