Person Of Interest In Carina Saunders Case Responds To News 9

Wednesday, April 12th 2017, 10:54 pm
By: News 9

The excavation in the Carina Saunders' homicide investigation ended Wednesday.

Now, investigators will be waiting on forensic analysis to determine if the items recovered from the backyard of a northwest Oklahoma City home are in anyway connected to the 2011 killing of Carina Saunders. 

The three-day excavation also brought about several new revelations in the case including a response from a person of interest.

Kenny Richards' name was tossed around from the moment the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation broke ground Monday at his former home at 504 Oakdale Drive.

In a series of text messages, Richards said, "It [sic] all wrong...I told police everything I know."

As a person of interest, early in the investigation into the gruesome murder of Carina Saunders, Bethany police questioned Richards but he was never arrested.

Richards explained via text Wednesday evening, "She [Saunders] was a friend of mine...I miss her, too!!" ... "I have nothing more to say!!"

He refused to address the fact that the OSBI spent three days digging up his former backyard in search of evidence.

A search warrant attached to the front door of the home revealed exactly what investigators were hoping to find during the excavation. 

Saunders' personal items were listed including shoes, socks, bra, underwear, belt, T-shirt, handbag and her wallet.

Investigators were also hoping to recover parts of her body that have been missing since she was found dismembered in a duffel bag in Bethany.

"We have found several items of interest but we cannot say definitely they have anything to do with the case," said OSBI spokeswoman Jessica Brown.

The items collected will be tested at the OSBI laboratory.

"It could take several months to get any type of forensic analysis back," said Brown. 

In the meantime, agents are expected to file the search warrant return next week with the Oklahoma County District Court.

The return will list all of the items seized during the dig.

The OSBI said several new leads have also come in as a result of the exposure the excavation received this week.