Murder Suspect From 2014 Shootout With OKC Police Enters Plea

Thursday, April 20th 2017, 3:19 pm
By: News 9

A man charged with killing a woman and injuring two Oklahoma City police officers back in 2014 will be spending the rest of his life in prison and pleading guilty in court, Thursday afternoon.

Shane Rhea had faced the death penalty in this case, but instead he's pleaded guilty to all eight counts and will serve the rest of his life in prison.

Rhea had nothing to say as he walked into the courtroom to enter his plea. He was charged with one count of murder and several other felonies for his role in an October 2014 shootout with police, where he took 30-year-old Samantha Monden hostage and use her as a human shield as he tried to get away from Officers.

Both her mother and father showed up for Thursday's court hearing, but did not say anything inside the courtroom.  As Rhea made his way into the courtroom this afternoon, the family of the woman he shot and killed was inside waiting for him to explain why he shot their only daughter.

"I can't see how anybody that could do that could be remorseful or show any remorse"

Sam Robinson is Monden’s father. Monden was with Rhea at the Plaza Inn motel when he got into a shootout with police.

Rhea had used Monden as a human shield as he tried to run from responding officers that day. He ran into oncoming traffic and even tried to carjack passing motorists, but eventually officers surrounded him and that's when he shot and killed Monden right in front of their eyes.

Earlier, Rhea had even shot and injured two officers who came to see what was going on in room 167 of the Plaza Inn, after a woman had called 911 saying she had been kidnapped.

Rhea had face the death penalty in this case for the 2014 incident. But Monden’s family said they were just fine with him spending the rest of his life in prison.

"What good would it do to kill them? It wouldn't bring my daughter back," said Robinson.

As he was led out of court, Rhea had nothing to say, but inside he did acknowledge shooting the officers and killing Monden. He told her family, ‘I loved her very much. She was a good person. I messed up.’ But for the family it was just empty words.

"She was a very beautiful, loving child, very nice mother," Robinson said.

And this grieving father had this to say to say to anyone watching

"If you have children or parents, hug them and kiss them every day. Tell them you love them."

And Rhea not only waived his right to a trial in this case, he also waived his rights to any appeals.