Neighbor Captures Home Burglars On Camera

Sunday, April 23rd 2017, 11:08 pm
By: News 9

A resident on the 800 block of NW 38 Street in Oklahoma City noticed something unusual going on at his neighbor’s house. 

A large moving truck was sitting across the street on a driveway, as two men were loading on items from inside the home. Two other women drove a separate Cadillac, but seemed to be part of the group.

The man who lives across the street knew his neighbors weren’t moving, so he decided to put his phone in his shirt pocket with the video recording. 

“The lens was up high enough so I started the video and I immediately walked across the street,” said the neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous.

The video he captured was more over three minutes long. It showed clearly the faces of three suspects out of the four. 

The strangers told him they were called to clean out the house. The neighbor immediately called Cody Monard, who lives at the burglarized home. 

Monard quickly got home, but the suspects and the moving truck was already gone.

He took News 9 inside his home, which was ransacked and almost empty. Even picture frames were cut up in the back as if the burglars were looking for items of value. 

“I’m furious. I’m frustrated,” said Monard. “I just hope they get caught.”

He’s hoping the video from his neighbor’s cell phone will be enough for someone to recognize these suspects and report it to the Oklahoma City Police Department.