Homes & Schools Damaged In Coyle Hail Storm

Thursday, May 11th 2017, 7:46 pm
By: News 9

Emergency management officials in Coyle said there are roughly 250 homes in the community and they believe all were damaged in Thursday afternoon's hail storm. 

The Superintendent of Coyle Public Schools reported stones the size of a softball at their buildings near Crawford Street and Cottingham Avenue. 

Four windows were shattered at the elementary school. 

"One classroom window went out while kids were in there. Panic kind of set in," said Superintendent Josh Sumrall. "That's why I made the decision, let's take everybody and go to the shelter."

No one was hurt and Sumrall commended the teachers and staff for keeping the kids safe and calming them throughout the storm. 

Window screens outside the high school building were torn by the hail. And half a dozen cars parked outside lost their windshields. 

"I've been on the phone more than I've been anywhere else," Carl Long with Coyle Emergency Management said. 

Long took lots of calls from residents reporting damage and surveyed the area. 

"Looks like just about every house in town got hail damage," he said. 

Christie Calvert shot video of the hail outside her house. She said four windows were busted and the roof was damaged. Her family worked to cover the windows late Thursday to prevent any more water damage. 

And so did several residents on her street. 

A pool across the street was stabbed and leaking its water after the storm and siding on other structures was riddled with cracks. 

"You know, it's Oklahoma! You're ready for this," Calvert said. 

Emergency management in Coyle is asking anyone with damage in the community to call the fire department at 405-466-9901 and report it.