Social Media Threat Earns High Police Presence At Deer Creek HS Today

Thursday, May 18th 2017, 5:14 am
By: News 9

Deer Creek High School is on high alert today after a threat to the school was discovered on Instagram recently.

Local law enforcement officers are treating this very seriously.

The original post contains an image of a Deer Creek High School logo with a caption reading, "This place will soon have a lot of deaths." The post was later edited to say "This place will soon be mine," with hashtags #deercreekhighschool and #grimreaperscoming.

Deer Creek High School principal Melissa Jordan sent a letter out to parents yesterday in response to the post letting them know the safety of students is being taken seriously. School staff say they have contacted Instagram and local law enforcement.

The principal also informed parents there will be an increased security presence on campus today and anyone with information should contact the office.

Thursday morning, the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office and the Deer Creek School District released a joint statement:

Due to the hard work and diligence of the Oklahoma Sheriff's Office and the Oklahoma City Office of the F.B.I. throughout the night, the person responsible for the concerning social media post has been identified and addressed by law enforcement. Student safety is our number one priority and we are grateful for the efforts and additional support of the Sheriff’s office and the F.B.I. in helping us resolve this issue and keeping student safety as the top priority.