Family Of Elk City Tornado Victim Share His Story

Friday, May 19th 2017, 2:32 pm
By: News 9

Gene 'Bo' Mikles did not survive the storm that swept through pastures along Merritt Road in Beckham County.

Mikles was found on his 40 acre property Tuesday evening. 

His mobile home had been stripped to the frame and tossed at least 100 yards.

"It is very hard to see the devastation of it that basically his life has been wiped away," said Mikles' sister Tammy Turner.

Turner drove in from out-of-state after learning of her brother's death.

She had talked to him just before the tornado hit and says he was trying to seek shelter.

The family believes Mikles was in his truck at the time of his death.

"He just had no place to go," said Rodney Mikles, the victim's brother, " he had already left so he must have come back for something he forgot."

The truck was hardly recognizable when Rodney Milkes made it to the property.

He says the keys were in the ignition and the airbags deployed.

"I really hope that he had passed before he ever knew what happened," said Rodney Mikles.

A cross has been placed to mark the spot where Bo Mikles was found.

The family hopes it will honor his memory and serve as a reminder to everyone that tornadoes are capable of causing a lot of damage in very little time.

"I hope this places an importance on seeking shelter," said Mikles.