Edmond Residents Feeling Bad Vibrations

Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 2:14 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

There's a mysterious situation in Edmond where several folks report rumbling and vibrations. They say it's been going on for a couple years now but no one can figure out what's happening.

Mary Lou Smith has been living in her Edmond home for 22 years ever since it was built.

“I’m used to my home, I know when it’s quiet,” she said.

But for the past couple years it hasn’t been quiet.  

“It’s a rumble and vibration and it will start, it will start sometimes early in the morning and go clear through the night,” she said.

Michele Scholough lives near Santa Fe and Danforth and feels it too.

“I’m a light sleeper and I’ve been having to take sleep medication because of it,” Scholough said.

The two women say they feel the vibrations about four or five days a week. In addition to rattling nerves, Smith said the vibrations are also damaging her home and she's on a mission to figure out what's causing it.

“I’ve gotten in my car at two in the morning and gone over to the railroad track to see if the train’s going by. No train,” she said.

She's contacted the Corporation Commission, Oklahoma Geological Survey, OG&E and the City of Edmond.

“I think it’s the volume of water that’s being injected in the wells because of the way and sounds and feels the way it comes and goes,” Smith said.

A spokesperson from the Corporation Commission says they investigated but couldn't find any correlation between the vibrations and well activity. The Oklahoma Geological Survey has also come out too. But right now no one seems to have any answers.

“I kind of guess you would say endure it because I don’t have a choice,” said Smith.  

The women said they have identified about 10 people who are also feeling the vibrations, but they would like to know who else is experiencing it.

If you are feeling the same thing, leave a comment in this story.