Edmond Crash Victim Gives Back To First Responders

Wednesday, May 31st 2017, 5:56 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A horrific car accident almost killed her, but now more than two and a half years later a metro woman has almost fully recovered. 

Donna Drake believes God has called her to feed the souls and the stomachs of those who saved her.

Back in September 2014 Drake was driving near the intersection of East 15th St. and I-35 in Edmond when she was hit by a driver who was texting.

“I actually left this life and was in a tunnel of bright glistening lights,” she recalled.

Drake said she died at the scene of the accident.

“Heard this little voice say not yet, so I knew I wasn’t finished,” Drake said.

Then God, she said, revealed her purpose the moment she returned to earth.

“I saw an image through these lights redeeming and it was kind of a rusty colored uniform and I was like oh it’s a firefighter,” Drake said.

Doctors said she wouldn't make it off the operating table, and that her foot would have to be amputated.  But now, she's a walking, talking testament with a powerful message to all first responders.

“They see bad things happen every day, but I wanted to let them know that bad situations can turn into good, like me. I lived,” said Drake.

She credits first responders with saving her life and now she's on a mission to thank all of Oklahoma's first responders. Her first visit was, of course, to Edmond. Wednesday she was serving up lunch and prayer to Yukon Firefighters.

The non-profit Kaleo Foundation brought water and snacks but Donna and her husband paid for the lunch out of their own pocket. Hoping to pay back just a small part of what she believes they gave her.

“We do feed them and honor them for their service, they lay their lives out there every day for us,” said Drake.