Moody's Sister Disappointed After His Second Jail Escape

Friday, June 16th 2017, 6:45 pm
By: News 9

Brian Moody, 24, is one of four inmates who escaped from the Lincoln County Jail on Monday.

He was the last one to be recaptured. He was taken into custody on Thursday afternoon.  

Moody and Trey Goodnight, another escapee, were in court on Friday. 

One of Moody's sisters attended the hearing to support him. 

After his arraignment, she spoke to News 9's Tiffany Liou. She said her brother has been in trouble since he was 15.

"I've been coming to all of his court dates. I always have," said Tina Moody. 

She was able to share a few words with him when he passed by her.

She said, "I told him it was unreal what he did, just shaking my head at him." 

Moody has a long history of property crimes, especially car theft. This is also the second time he has escaped from Lincoln County Jail. His first escape was in March. 

Tina Moody thinks it all goes back to his addiction to methamphetamine.

She said, "He does meth. When he got out, what do you think he was doing? Meth." 

Seeing her brother back in stripes was tough. Her son, Moody's nephew, was with her.

She said, "He told my son hi and he did tell me he loved me. He whispered it."

She believes he is ashamed.

She said, "He hates himself for what he did. I can tell. He really does feel bad."

If Moody is convicted for his second escape, the judge said he could be facing life in prison.

He is being represented by a public defender, Patrick Thompson, who is also representing him in his first escape case. 

Tina Moody is concerned he will spend the rest of his life in jail.

She said, "He is not a violent person. He is not a rapist. He is not a killer. He just has trouble stealing."

While she doesn't know where to turn, she's hoping someone will give her brother a chance to make things better.

"He deserves jail, but not life," she said.

Moody will be back in court August 3rd.

Trey Goodnight is scheduled to be back in court July 6th. As for the other two inmates, dates for their first appearance in court have not been set.