Inspections Made On Problematic Frontier City Ride

Tuesday, June 20th 2017, 3:35 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Questions are being raised about just how safe Frontier City's iconic roller coaster “The Silver Bullet” is after getting stuck Monday afternoon.

The coaster, with 11 riders on board, was stuck in nearly the same place it has stopped several times before.  Maintenance crews were able to restart the coaster's computer system to return riders safely back to the bottom.

In an email Frontier City's spokesperson, Alyssa Baier said "The Silver Bullet's safety system reacted exactly as it was designed to do in the event that a full cycle cannot take place."

So far, Baier hasn't elaborated on what caused the safety system to engage in the first place.

Monday's incident wasn't the first. The Silver Bullet has malfunctioned at least five times in the last nine years.

Riders were stuck in August of 2008 and 2014. After two years without a high-profile problem the tram got stuck again last June. Then this year, in the park's short season the ride has been stuck twice; once in May and Monday.

The Oklahoma Department of Labor does inspect the park before each season and requires inspectors to monitor rides throughout the year to make sure they're safe and complying with state law.

“Oklahoma is one of only 30 states which regulate amusement rides, and the Oklahoma Department of Labor has inspectors who annually inspect amusement rides throughout the state. After an incident occurs, Oklahoma Department of Labor inspectors will complete a thorough investigation and comprehensive inspection of the ride and ensure all safety standards are being met before the ride is operational again,” said Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Melissa McLawthorn Houston.