Police Trying To Solve 31-Year-Old Stephens County Cold Case

Wednesday, June 28th 2017, 4:16 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

It's been 31 years since anyone's seen Bonnie Duvall. She was last seen at her home in rural Stephens County in May of 1986. Today police are back at the home using modern technology not available back then to try to find some answers.

Meanwhile, her family sat under a tent, doing what they've been doing for three decades now. They waited and they hoped. 

"Bonnie, Bonnie's my sister. You don't ever give up on family," said Gena Franklin, Duvall’s sister.

Franklin says Duvall was last seen by her husband, Eddie.

"She and her, at the time husband, had an argument. He was the last person to see her alive. As she supposedly walked out the door," Franklin said.

Eddie moved out of the home a few months ago and this week police secured a search warrant to check out the house and the property. With the help of archeologists, they're using ground penetrating radar to search the areas of an old garden and the hog confinement. 

They've been digging around since Monday but haven't found any evidence yet. They have few leads. Frankly, investigators say, police didn't do a very good job when Duvall was first reported missing. 

"Records are very scarce from back in 1986 in this county so as far as a lot of the particulars surrounding this we don't have a lot of information," said Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney.

Duvall's family says she wasn't the type to just walk off. They believe her remains are still on the property. 

"My sister was a very loving mother,” Franklin said. “She had four children that she adored. She already made summer plans for them at Lake Texoma. She was the wrestling mom, the PTA mom."

At this point, Duvall's family doesn't care about catching a killer. They just want to find any remains and lay Duvall to rest.

"This is about bringing her home,” Franklin said.  “And I can't reiterate that enough."