My 2 Cents: CNN Responding To Wrestling Video Tweeted By President Trump

Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 11:27 pm
By: News 9

CNN got Trumped.

The world wide news network has badly damaged it's own reputation by the way it responded to a sophomoric video tweeted out by President Trump.

The short video is of a long ago appearance by the Donald at Wrestlemania in which he tackled promoter Vince McMahon, only in this video, the CNN logo is placed over McMahon's face.

Trump critics immediately cried that it would incite violence against the media.

Come on, have you watched pro wrestling? It's all show and everyone gets it.    

CNN should have ignored it, instead they got their feelings hurt and went after the guy who created the video who had posted it on Reddit.

They demanded an apology and then posted that as long as the guy didn't do it again, they wouldn't reveal his name.

It was a ridiculously, heavy-handed response.  

Some are calling it blackmail, others that CNN is anti-free speech a terrible thing to say about a media outlet, it is extremely petty at the least. 

And the result of CNN's trying to silence a private citizen, now, there are countless memes popping up on Twitter mocking CNN with similar Donald Trump take downs.

I don't know what the CNN leadership was thinking.
I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.