Former Trooper's Campaign Responds To Letter

Thursday, July 6th 2017, 11:16 pm
By: Grant Hermes

Former OHP Trooper Charlie Samples is running for an Oklahoma House seat in Norman on the platform of having a clean record in law enforcement. 
But his involvement in a 20-year-old scandal involving alcohol and sex for money is resurfacing.

That investigation was seemingly forgotten, but after a group sent out a mail letter about it his campaign is responding. 

According to the documents, Samples and a group of troopers were at a bachelor party. Once there they were greeted with a pair of women who later began beckoning to give sexual favors on the second floor. Three troopers, including Samples received oral sex from the women and later watched the two together. The women were paid for their services. 

Samples was initially disciplined, recommended for three days suspension for conduct unbecoming, but was later exonerated by OHP. 

With the election just days away Samples has begun sending automated calls to voters calling the accusations false and made up by his primary opponent Darin Chambers, despite Samples' admissions to the acts.

"I have no intention of winning this race by tearing down my fellow republicans," Chambers set in a statement.

As for wearing his uniform to campaign, OHP says there's no problem as long as it's clear it doesn't appear the patrol is endorsing him the seat. The election is July 11.