Chickasha Police Looking For New Leads To Find Missing Mom, Kids

Friday, July 14th 2017, 3:07 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Chickasha police have run out of leads in the search for a missing mother and her three daughters. 

Destiny Corsaut was supposed to have the girls, Melanie, 2, Annie, 3, and Isabella (aka Izzy), 5, for the July 4th weekend, but never returned them to their dad. 

“I thought maybe she just wanted to keep them for the day. So, I said 'okay,'” said the girls’ father David Corsaut. “We waited till the next day and went there and seen the apartment the way it was." 

The door was open and a table was flipped over. Destiny's phone, wallet and keys were inside. Later that evening, someone brought her Toyota back to the apartment. 

“We have no reason right now to believe that the children or Destiny are in trouble or in danger," said Sgt. John Young of the Chickasha Police Dept in regards to the reason why an Amber Alert hasn't been issued. "We have theories out the wazoo right now but I don't want to go chasing those because that might lead us in a direction that we don't need to go." 

David Corsaut just wants to know whether his girls are ok.  He misses them. 

"I used to lay in bed and wonder if the girls are getting up in the middle of the night. When they do you can hear them playing with their toys, and you kinda go in there, watch them for a second. See if they go back to the bedroom or just continue to play with their toys or whatever. But, now it's just real quiet," Corsaut said. "Now I go to work. I come home to an empty house."

Chickasha police stress, Destiny is not in any trouble right now. If you know where Destiny Corsaut or her daughters are, please call Crime Stoppers at (405) 224-TIPS.  You can remain anonymous.

You can also reach Sgt. Young at (405) 222-6056 / or Chickasha police dispatch at (405) 222-6050.