Garth Brooks Surprises Fan On Stage

Monday, July 17th 2017, 6:56 pm
By: News 9

Jonathan Chasteen is a musician from Vera, Oklahoma. He started performing at age 12 and said he is inspired by Garth Brooks.  

Jonathan and his wife decided late in the week to attend the Garth Brooks concert in Oklahoma City on Friday night. They even had to get their tickets sent overnight by mail.

Right before the concert, his wife Brittany decided to make a poster. On a neon yellow board, it read, “MY HUSBAND IS A MUSICIAN BECAUSE OF YOU!”

Jonathan said Brooks was eyeing their poster the whole night. At the end, he asked the couple, “What do you mean because of Garth?”

He pulled Jonathan on stage and asked him to play. Jonathan said, “He asked me if I wanted to play one of his songs or one of my songs, and I’m thinking no, I don’t want to play one of your songs. I didn’t want to mess it up.”

Jonathan covered a song called “Empty Glass” by Gary Stewart, his son’s favorite bedtime song. The crowd roared.

After he finished playing the song, Brooks strummed his guitar and the two of them played a Joe Nichols song.

“It was amazing,” said Jonathan. This was his first Garth Brooks concert and  by far the most memorable concert he’s been to.

After the two played a duet, Garth asked him what guitar he played and said, “Would it upset you if I told you take that one and play it?”

Still shocked, Jonathan went home to Vera with a signature guitar from his idol, Garth Brooks.

“It is the most beautiful, crisp sound I’ve ever heard,” he said.

Friday is a memory he will never forget. It’s also a lifelong dream come true as he continues to pursue his own musical career.