Outdoor Drummer Must Find New Venue In Metro

Thursday, July 27th 2017, 6:45 pm
By: Karl Torp

Zacharias Harris is a drummer who starts at OCU’s Academy of Contemporary Music in the fall.

Because of the noise of the drums, he practices out in a field near where he lives near the Quail Creek neighborhood.

He’d play for hours, even when the temperature reached 100 degrees, in the spillway off Quail Creek road.

“I never feel like it, when I’m playing,” says Zacharias about drumming in the heat.

Neighbors that enjoy the music have been posting picture of the teen playing outdoors. But this past weekend, a police officer told him a noise complaint had been made and he would have to stop playing his drums.

“I don’t have any place to really go,” says Zacharias about his current situation.

Neighbors and his former school, Harding Fine Arts Academy, are hoping to find the teen another place to practice. Zacharias says he’s also scouting other outdoor practice areas further from nearby homes.

He doesn’t like to go for very long without playing the drums.

“I’m playing my craft and I’m seeing people enjoy it. That’s what my dream is,” says Zacharias.