OKC Woman Logs On To Help Those Abandoned By Alfred Angelo

Monday, July 31st 2017, 6:04 am
By: Amy Avery

An investigation is underway after the Alfred Angelo bridal company filed for bankruptcy, leaving many brides without their dream dresses.

Attorneys appeared before a Florida judge on Friday. According to an attorney for the company, there will be a comprehensive investigation to figure out why the Florida-based company decided to close their doors before the bankruptcy was filed.

Attorney Patricia Redmond told a Florida judge at least eight of Alfred Angelo's U.S. locations have given back in-stock items to clients, but a big problem is that most of the stock is in warehouses in California and China. According to Redmond, about $4.5 million worth of dresses that have already been bought and paid for have yet to be delivered.

Many women are now turning to Facebook to ask questions and make sense of it all. When Oklahoma City resident Michele Jones heard the news, she knew she wanted to help.

“Some of them are very confused about it,” Jones said, “which is very understandable because there hasn't been much released other than the fact they still don’t have their dresses."

She noticed several Facebook groups popping up and decided to start helping women find the dresses they wanted for their big day, whether it was connecting them with another store or with someone across the country who could help.

“There’s people on there that are listing that they need their dress,” Jones said, “as well as 15 bridesmaid's dresses in a certain color, size 0 to 26, and they’re just hoping somebody on there has them.”

One day while Jones was scrolling through, she noticed a bride in Hawaii looking for the exact dress she wore on her big day.

“When she posted it, I obviously recognized it and she said she needed a size four and I said I had a size two and she could do what she needed to.”

But a few days later, after some simple searches, Jones was able to find her the right size dress in the right color at a much cheaper price.

“I could tell that she was so excited. She was telling me she was crying.”

Showing that social media could connect two women who live thousands of miles apart through one simple click.

“It’s been such a huge source of happiness for these girls in such a time of despair for all of these women.”

Jones says she highly recommends joining these Facebook groups, whether you've been impacted by the situation or not, because it could make a huge difference to these girls on their wedding day.

To find the groups, you can just search Alfred Angelo Bridal in the Facebook search bar and they should come up.