OKC Family Plans Move After Home Hit By Cars Four Times

Monday, August 7th 2017, 6:55 pm

A car hit a home Monday in northwest Oklahoma City. It’s the fourth time the home has been hit in six years, and the owners are fed up.

"Yes. It's a great open floor plan if anybody wants to purchase a house it's got a beautiful open floor plan," said Amber Lindauer, looking at the huge hole in her wall.   

Joking aside though, Lindauer said she is tired of it.

"Yeah, we're done. We're done. We're moving. Today," Lindauer said. “We're boxing up today. We're out."

The common denominator every time?

"Drunk driving. It always happens after closing time and they just come flying down this road and end up in our kitchen,"  Lindauer said.

That was the case with Monday's crash. Police say 25-year-old Donald Denny was under the influence when he hit the house. Court records show Denny's criminal history includes dealing drugs and driving under the influence of drugs. Authorities said it doesn't look like Denny even tried to stop. 

"Every other time there have been skid marks where they tried to stop,” Lindauer said. “This guy did not even try to stop. He went full force right into the house."

Lindauer plans to fix the house and sell it. Meanwhile, her family will move in with her mother. She says it's just too dangerous to live on this "T" intersection. 

Lindauer may have lost her home, but she hasn't lost her sense of humor. 

"My daughter heard it but she heard me saying ‘Oh my God’ and she said 'I just thought you hurt yourself' so I said ‘You didn't even come out of your room?’  ‘No,’" Lindauer recalled. “Well I'm like ‘thanks for your concern’ (Laughs)."