Former Mid-Del Teacher Accused Of Inappropriate Texts With Student In 2014 Still Awaiting Trial

Thursday, August 17th 2017, 1:55 pm

They say the wheels of justice turn slowly...and this case may prove that. 

A former Mid-Del teacher was charged with sending inappropriate texts to a 13-year old girl, and he still hasn't been to trial three years later. 

In October of 2014 Christian Ridner, who was a teacher in the Mid-Del district at the time, was accused of sending the sexually charged texts to a then 13-year old girl. Court documents show he also showed up at the girl’s middle school, claiming to be her "mentor." 

Three years later Ridner still hasn't been tried. The teen's mother is frustrated. 

"It's just three years later we're still waiting for something to be done. No, nothing's been done. And we've been told that it's probably going to be continued on with it again."

News 9 is not identifying the mother to protect her daughter's identity. She says her daughter struggles and is in therapy while Ridner remains free. 

"For three years I've had a lot of trouble with her emotionally," the alleged victim’s mother said. "I think she blames herself for him being in trouble. She was only 13, you know? He was playing mind games with her."

District Attorney David Prater wasn't available for an on camera interview, but says his office has been ready to go to trial for more than two years. He says Ridner's attorney keeps filing extensions and judges keep granting them. Ridner's attorney, Skip Kelly, says it takes time to get matters resolved in cases like this.

Ridner is scheduled to go to trial Aug 28. The alleged victim doesn't know. Her mother is afraid the case will be delayed again.

"She has a lot of anxiety, so I don't want her getting too anxious about it," the mother said.

The teen's mother just wants to know why justice is taking so long.

"That's my question. Is why?  Three years later we're still here with it."