Health Officials Conduct Thorough Inspections Of State Fair Food Vendors

Monday, September 18th 2017, 11:30 am
By: News 9

Just like with the rides, inspection of all the food vendors is a regular and mandatory occurrence each year before the State Fair starts. There are 220 food booths at the fair this year, and each has to pass inspection before it can open.

Last Friday The Oklahoma City-County health inspectors conducted spot checks on vendors throughout the fair. They were out there morning, noon, and night, checking food temperatures, sanitary conditions, responding to complaints.

And if there is a problem, the inspectors stay at the booth until it's corrected.

The health department also offers food safety classes for the vendors.

“They sign up, come to the class, and we have inspectors teaching the class, talking about food safety, things that we look for as investigators, as inspectors, when we go into their food truck or their food tent,” said health inspector, Sheri Brack.

Anyone with a complaint or a question for the health inspectors can find them at the Fair's Safety Center, which is at the far west end of the administration building.