Chickasha Police Chief Describes Shooting That Injured Officers

Tuesday, September 19th 2017, 7:43 pm

It has been an emotional time for the Chickasha police department. Two of their own are recovering after being shot over the weekend.

Officer Daniel Ramirez has been released from the hospital, but Sgt. Matt Schoolfield remains at OU Medical center. Both were shot Sunday afternoon, allegedly by 61-year-old Alex Klingler.

News 9 cameras were rolling when Klingler surrendered to police.

Chickasha police responded to Klinger’s home to serve a warrant for kidnapping Sunday. They forced open the door, and that's when police say Klingler opened fire with a high-powered rifle. He first struck 10-year-veteran Sgt. Schoolfield.

Chickasha Police Chief Goebel Music fought back tears as he recalled what happened.

Police say Klingler tried to kidnap a woman. He was so forceful, police say Klingler broke her wrists when she tried to escape.

He grabbed the woman by the wrists attempting to pull her inside the car,” said OSBI Spokeswoman Jessica Brown. “She was able to get away. She went inside her home and that's when she called the local police department."

Police returned fire for about an hour, despite very little cover from the gunshots.

"You need to know no member of the Chickasha police department or any other agency left their post. But they stood their ground," said Chief Music.

Klingler was shot and eventually surrendered.

When the dust settled, seven officers suffered injuries. Officer Ramirez was shot in the arm and finger. Other officers have been treated and released. And the whole department is left stunned.