Family Of Murdered OKC Bookstore Owner Seeks Answers

Tuesday, September 26th 2017, 6:47 pm
By: News 9

It has been nearly two weeks since a local bookstore owner was murdered inside his store. Kelly Hays, 66, was found stabbed and set on fire inside 30 Penn Books in northwest Oklahoma City on Sept. 14.

Police have not identified a suspect and now they are asking for the public’s help. The family is also hoping someone will step forward with information.

“I can’t imagine anyone having any motive to want to kill him,” said Dan Hays, murder victim’s brother. “That’s what is so befuddling.”

To date, investigators have few clues that lead them to a suspect. The cameras on the building did not work, there are no signs of a robbery and the victim did not have any enemies, that the family knows of.

“If you were inside the store,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “Spoke to him, you saw him, anything on that day. They’re hoping that any clue might help lead them to eventually solve this case.”  

The very people who might have answers, are the same people Hays spent most of his time around.

“His world was his customers,” said Hays. “That was his social life. That was his entire life.”

He said more than 100 customers showed up to his brother's funeral. A testament to the lives he touched.

“He loved intellectual things,” said Hays. “Books, art, music and he pursued those with zeal.”

Before the bookstore, Hays was a prosecutor and a judge. He gave up a law career for a business with little profit.

“He was a kind soul,” said Hays. “A passive person. He would give his last dollar to someone who needed something.”

Hays often loaned books or gave them to anyone who asked. Now his family is asking for the public to step forward, to help them close this tragic chapter.   

“We hope that someone saw something,” said Hays. “Or heard something and will call the police.”

Hays’s family has not decided what they will do with the bookstore. They do know it will not be re-opening anytime soon.