Deer Creek Property Dispute: Dream Home Turning Into Money Pit

Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 6:59 pm
By: Karl Torp

A metro family's dream home is turning into a money pit before construction even starts. They are now warning others about a mistake that several people missed.

Nick and Mindy Cook had their modern farmhouse design picked out. In January, they purchased acreage at Council and Waterloo and secured a construction loan.

“Our builder went to pull the first permits and the county said your clients aren't on record of owning this property,” says Mindy Cook.

Developer Patterson and Patterson had not divided up this property to the county's standards before selling off portions.

“From A and to Z, everyone in the process, we were told, should have caught this,” says the Deer Creek mother.

Cook says that includes the title company and the bank that gave them the construction loan. A loan they've been paying since January.

The most frustration is geared at developer Patterson and Patterson.

Cook showed us how the developers named the area "Council Meadows" and are currently selling lots even though you can't break ground on them right now.

“We want to hold the developer responsible financially,” says Cook.

Patterson and Patterson refused to be interviewed on camera. John Patterson did tell News 9 it will work with Cooks and the plat problems will be cleared up next month. Meanwhile the Cooks pay on a home no closer to completion over the past nine months.

“$18,000 and counting,” says Cook.

The Oklahoma County Planning Commission confirms home construction on the Deer Creek land can start on Oct 11th.

It advises anyone worried about a potential land purchase to come down to their office to check on the status of the property before closing.