Yukon Man Hospitalized With West Nile Virus

Thursday, October 12th 2017, 10:39 pm
By: News 9

Family members of Charles Korstjens have been by his side since he was admitted into Integris Baptist in Oklahoma City last month.

“When you don’t know what’s going to happen,” said his daughter Kristen Korstjens, "Yukon is too far."

The family’s home is in Yukon. And that’s where Kristen said her father was infected with the West Nile Virus.

He was already preparing for a second kidney transplant. But when high fever hit and he couldn't talk, his family rushed him to the emergency room.

“He declined rapidly,” Kristen said. "He didn’t know who we were, where he was or who he was."

Charles was moved to the intensive care unit and Kristen said he’s been in a coma ever since.

“It’s just hard,” she told News 9, "because three weeks without talking to your dad is a long time. And we just want him to wake up."

Kristen said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contacted her family with news of positive test results for West Nile.

The latest numbers from the State Department of Health confirm two people in Canadian County have the neuro-invasive form of the disease.

Kristen said her family will continue to fight for her father.

“They really don’t know what the future holds for us,” she explained. "We’re clinging on to every ounce of hope that we can."

If you'd like to help this family, click here to view the GoFundMe page.