70 Nurses Needed For Home Nursing Care In OKC

Monday, October 23rd 2017, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City child named Montana will be two years old at the end of the year. She’s spent most of her life at the hospital, but finally got to go home last week. Montana was born 13 weeks early. She has congenital CMV, which led to cerebral palsy. She now gets seizures as well.

After almost a year at The Children’s Center Rehabilitation Hospital in Bethany, Montana was discharged on last Tuesday. She was sent home with a ventilator, a device among many that she needs to survive.

Kristin Pursley is Montana’s mom. She spends all day with her daughter. The concern is Montana can be fine one minute, and in critical care the next. “She is turning blue. She is freaking out. At that point, we’re freaking out. And when you have people around you that don’t have medical education, they don’t know what to do. That is the reason having a nurse is amazing,” said Pursley.

Through Preferred Pediatric Home Health Care, Montana is approved for sixteen hours of home nursing care. But right now, she only has one nurse for eight hours a day. This leaves Pursley to take care of her daughter alone. “When it comes to an emergency, we like trying to have two people here,” she said.

Montana is one of over 60 children that need home care nurses through this organization. In fact, there are over 70 compensated positions open for Registered Nurses and License Practical Nurses in Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.

Montana’s new in-home nurse, Kelsie Roach, is urging other nurses who need a job to step forward. She helps monitor Montana’s ventilator, administer feedings, give medications and more. “The need is always there and it’s rising,” said Roach, “I love coming to work every single day. I love getting to help Montana and getting to be part of her family.”

Nurses interested can contact jobs@preferredpediatric.com or 405-848-7337.