Norman Woman Recovering After DUI Crash Leaves Her In Hospital

Friday, November 3rd 2017, 10:06 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Marcella Meyer is 66 years old, living on social security, and now the victim of a DUI crash. Meyer and her family are trying their best to recover after the senior was hit on Highway 9 back on October 22. She has now spent weeks in the hospital.

Meyer doesn’t remember much from that day but says the man who crashed into her car around 10 o'clock that morning is 31-year-old Christian Kueneman, who has since bonded out of jail.

Kueneman was cited for not having insurance or a license. Meyer’s lawyers has told them not to expect that much help in terms of a settlement.

Norman Police say witnesses saw Kueneman throw beer cans out of his car following the wreck. Their reports show he even told officers he had a case of beer and half a bottle of vodka to drink the night before the accident. According to reports, Kueneman had a blood alcohol level of 0.17 following the crash. Officers also say they found a marijuana pipe in his car.

His case has yet to be scheduled in court.

If you’d like to help the Meyer family, you can visit their GoFundMe page.