Governor Has Yet To Set Second Session Start Date

Monday, November 27th 2017, 8:19 am
By: Grant Hermes

It cost more than half a million dollars for lawmakers to come up empty handed in the nearly eight week special session. 

The entire session lasted 54 days but state representatives and senators only worked 19 of them.

Despite that, each day costs close to $31,000. 

The grand total for that session was $583,300. 

The state was also left with an $118 million budget shortfall. 

Gov. Mary Fallin's office said she doesn't have a date set for when she'll announce the beginning of the second special session nor what lawmakers will be charged with doing besides filling the budget hole.

In the past, she's said she would keep lawmakers at the Capitol through the holiday season if need be. 

The clock is ticking, too. There are 79 days, including weekends, until the start of the regular session.

If lawmakers can't find a solution during this second special session, it will add to next year's budget shortfall which is projected to reach $600 million.