Blanchard Police Using New Cell Phone Technology

Monday, November 27th 2017, 8:55 pm
By: News 9

The Blanchard Police Department has a new tool that will help with investigations. Through a technology grant, the department purchased a software and hardware system from Susteen Inc.

This technology can freeze and save data on all cell phones, tablets and other digital devices. “This is going to make things much easier. It has been difficult in the past because we could only go so far with cell phones,” said Detective Steve Rhodes with the Blanchard Police Department.

Rhodes has been in law enforcement for 19 years. He’s seen the growth of phones over time. “[Cell phones] conquer our every day investigations.”

When working a case from now on, Rhodes can use an access card to break pin codes on phones. He can also download texts, photos, deleted data and other information from a mobile device. This will help him in future cases, whether it is a criminal investigation or runaway situation.

“It’s definitely going to lead us into the future,” he said. In the past, Rhodes said Blanchard Police Department has asked for assistance from other departments with the same or similar equipment. Now, they are able to dig into digital forensics in-house.