Metro Locations Among Caught In Massage Envy Sexual Assault Scandal

Thursday, November 30th 2017, 8:20 am
By: Grant Hermes

Two women accused massage therapists of sexual assault during appointments at two metro Massage Envy locations, according to years old court documents.

In one case, the reported victim described in detail how her therapist rubbed his "erect penis against her arm." At one point, she said, he encouraged her to pleasure herself, saying "he would like that." 

By the end of the massage, the woman said she was "pinned down" and he attempted to pull her "face into his crotch."

A second woman said she was impregnated during her session. Both describe being terrified and too frightened to move. 

"They're froze. They're scared. They were locked in a room with a sexual predator. They leave and they never come back and they never report to their family members, their husband or anybody else, that they were sexually assaulted," Oklahoma City sexual assault attorney Cameron Spradling said.

Spradling represented both women. He said Massage Envy, which now has more than 180 claims against it nationwide, is a breeding ground for sexual predators.

"Enclosed in a room with a naked woman whom you don't even know and you have the ability to touch her body? That's a perfect place for a sexual predator to hide," he said.

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The discovery of the allegations against the massage chain follow a recent flood of accusations in the worlds of media, politics and Hollywood. Spradling said it's time to talk about what he sees as a national issue. 

"Sexual assault is not a Hollywood problem. It's not a Washington, D.C., problem. It's not a New York problem. It's a problem. It's a national problem," Spradling said.