Edmond Woman Charged For Making Hundreds Of 911 Calls

Friday, December 1st 2017, 6:40 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

An Edmond woman is facing criminal charges after police say she has called 911-hundreds of times this year with false reports. Police say often when they answer her calls for help, she responds by threatening to kill them.

Police say 39-year old Rebecca Kelley has mental health issues, but they say they've run out of options and have to file harassment charges.

In a 911-call provided by the department, you can hear Kelly shouting at a dispatcher when the dispatcher calls her back after Kelley called 911.

"I'm gonna’ (Expletive) kill you I swear to god,” Kelley can be heard saying.

“Excuse me?” the dispatcher replied. 

Kelley responded, “I said if you call this number again, I'm going to (Expletive) kill you. Did you get that?”

“Yup.” The dispatcher said, “I have it on recording. I'll get officers there.” 

Kelley responded, “Good. (Expletive) off."

This is what Edmond police said they've been dealing with, hundreds of times over the past two years.

Police said Kelley has called 911 more than 1,000 times in just three months. 

"We had a day, one specific day when there was 166 calls alone,” said Jenny Wagnon with the Edmond Police Department.

That was enough to lock up the city's 911 system.

When police respond, which they are required to do, they say they are often met with threats and obscenities. 

Kelly admitted she's lashed out at officers.

"Yeah. Cause I'm angry, because they showed up like six times in one day. And my mom was like what is going on? What is going on? They're like, we don't know and I'm like, I don't know either,” said Kelly.

Kelly insisted that she didn't make all the calls and that police are setting her up. She also said she suffers with mental illness.

"I do.” Kelley said, “I have Asperger’s; PTSD; depression; anxiety; Borderline Personality Disorder; and something else.” 

Despite the issues, Kelley insisted she is not making the calls.

“No, I take my medication like clockwork,” she said.

Police said they know Kelly has mental issues and they've tried to get her help. But, they say the calls continue, so they had to file harassment charges.

"The responses are very hostile towards our officers, so we feel like we've done everything that we could to avoid going the criminal charges route but, we just didn't have a choice at this point,” said Wagnon.