Edmond Veterinarian Removes 21 Pacifiers From Dog's Stomach

Sunday, December 10th 2017, 1:21 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond couple made an unexpected discovery after noticing a number of pacifiers around their house had turned up missing. 

According to the couple, the grandma in the family noticed their dog Dovey jump on the counter and take a pacifier. When the dog later spewed the pacifier, the dad brought the canine in for an x-ray. 

During the visit, veterinarians discovered several pacifiers stacked up in the Dovey's stomach. Veterinarians at the Gentle Care Animal Hospital said they pulled a total of 21 "binkies" out of the dog's stomach. 

The hospital warns to watch your pets because "dogs will eat anything, anytime, and at any age."