Special Gift Brings Christmas Cheer To Metro Family After Burglary

Friday, December 22nd 2017, 5:12 pm

After an Oklahoma City family was burglarized, a special gift brought back their holiday cheer.

On Monday, the Scyrus family’s apartment was ransacked and vandalized. Among other things, their Christmas tree and presents were taken.

“It was hurtful. I felt disrespected. I felt violated, angry and sad,” matriarch Rebekka Scyrus said.

The scene broke the heart of the responding officers, but something special was happening at their department around the same time.

An anonymous donor gave Oklahoma City Police more than $1,000 dollars-worth of $100 dollar bills, with the instruction to hand them out to those in need.

So Friday, the officer called Jimmy Scyrus, Rebekka’s husband.

“It startled me because police don't call me. I get a call from everybody but not the police,” Jimmy said.

The officer came to the Scyrus’ home and handed them $100, from the anonymous donor.

“It really took the thought of being violated off my family for that moment,” Jimmy said.

The overjoyed family used the money to go to dinner together.

Although the burglar tried to take their Christmas spirit, another stranger brought the holiday cheer.

“You restored my faith in people to know that there are still good people out there,” Rebekka said.

Oklahoma City Police say they’ll continue to hand out the bills when they see people who need them.