Metro Family Warns Of Scamming Contractor

Monday, January 8th 2018, 10:49 pm

All the Nolan family wanted for months were new cabinets in their kitchen.

It’s been months, and after spending $3,500, they still have little to show for it.

“The first deadline was supposed to be done right after thanksgiving. The second deadline was supposed to be done before Christmas,” said Katherine Nolan.

The family says they gave their money to Ralph Gibbons of True Pro Home Solutions, but since he collected the first rounds of their deposits, no one came back to finish the job.

The Nolan’s say there is always some excuse.

“I had a couple of guys quit on me and projects got pushed back,” said Katherine.

Pots, pans, cans and boxes cover the family’s tables and couch. They say the last handyman left his tools behind.

“There are supposed to be a custom-made cabinet here with doors,” said Philip Nolan.

Online court records show Ralph Gibbons has a history in small claims court, many cases involving construction. And the Nolan family says the name of his business isn't always the same.

The family called Gibbons, but he didn't answer. Then, News 9’s Bonnie Campo called and left a voicemail.

Minutes later, Gibbons called the Nolan family back.

Here’s some of that conversation.

“We was asking for a full refund back as soon as possible,” says Phillip Nolan.

"Umm ok...Let me see. I have to figure out, 'cause I’m gonna have a P.O. for the doors...They are going to charge me for those."

Gibbons then said he wanted to finish the job, but would get back to the family later about the refund. They want to warn others so that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

“This has been devastating for us. We saved and we worked hard to do this, we didn't want to do it on credit,” said Katherine Nolan.

The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board says carpenters who do this kind of work don't have to be licensed, so it's hard to monitor. They say always check out your contractor's history before you pay up, and get recommendations from family and friends.

Around 7 p.m., Gibbons texted News 9’s Bonnie Campo and said he would be refund the family $3,250. He had no comment about other cases.