Handicapped Woman Left Homeless After Raw Sewage Floods House

Wednesday, June 13th 2018, 6:52 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

An elderly, handicapped woman is left homeless after her house flooded with raw sewage two months ago. And she said the City is doing nothing to help her. 

A geyser of raw sewage poured out of her toilet last April, while the City was working on sewer lines in front of the house.

Two months later, the sewage has seeped into the floor boards, the walls and destroyed keepsakes.

"It's terrible because it was the most beautiful little house. I'm so sentimentally attached to, like underneath the TV those are pictures from the 50's, 60's 70's. All of them,” said Ada Dilley, whose home was damaged by sewage.

Dilley said she was home when the sewage began pouring out. Her electric wheelchair was destroyed by the water. Neighbors had to get her out.

“And we open the door and it came flooding out of her front door. So, my husband and part of the fire department came to carry her out,” said neighbor Tammy Adams.

The damage is estimated at 60,000 dollars.

The City is investigating but there’s a process. A long process.

"And that process is the individual files the tort claim with our human resource officer which also takes care of our insurance. It goes to our insurance carrier, the Oklahoma municipal insurance group, they do an investigation and review,” said Guthrie City Manager Leroy Alsup.

That’s happened, and the insurance company is offering Dilley $25,000; nowhere near what it will take to fix the house.

"You know we feel for her, and it tears our heart out. But again, there is a process,” Alsup said.

"I love that house.” Dilley said, “It's little. It's small. And it's perfect for me."

Ms. Dilley has been living in motels and now a nursing facility for the past two months. She said she’s spent all of her savings and maxed out her credit cards, so she’d have a place to stay while she waits for the city to act.

If you’d like to help her out, friends have set up a go fund me account. Click here if you would like to donate.