Charges Filed in Near Deadly Hit-And-Run In Norman

Wednesday, June 27th 2018, 9:36 pm

A woman has been charged weeks after running over a female victim who was trying to collect her mail in Norman.

Investigators say Misti Dawn Miller crashed into Charlene Hughes Monday May 21st on 180th Street.

However, charges weren't filed until Wednesday, June 27. 

District Attorney Greg Mashburn says that’s because officers were awaiting toxicology reports, and did not know if Hughes would survive.

“You literally could get more time for stealing a television set from Walmart than you could from the destruction that this woman caused to Charlene,” the victim’s husband James Hughes said.

Miller turned herself in about 24 hours after the accident, according to police.

If convicted and sentenced to the maximum time, Miller would face 7 years in prison.

Miller has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving injury, causing an accident without a valid driver’s license-great bodily injury, and failure to maintain insurance.

Hughes' injures include damage to her spine, extremely limited mobility in her legs and arms, and lack of sensation over her body.

She had to be flown to a specialty hospital in Nebraska for therapy.

“It's some steps forward and some steps backward. Fortunately, there are more steps forward than there are backward,” James Hughes said. “My wife would say that it is unfair that somebody hits another person and leaves them to die…then gets to go about their business and leaves the other person with such severe impairment that there is no holding of accountability for that person.”

Miller has previously been charged with another hit-and-run in 2002.

News 9 tracked down the initial victim, and here’s what he had to say about the crash:

Rick Luster: “I was very disappointed that she would get out of her vehicle, walk around it, then get back in her vehicle and drive off without even checking on me. Thank goodness for those good Samaritans that did stop." 

Reporter: "Knowing this happened again just a few weeks ago, what’s been going through your mind?"

Rick Luster: "Tremendous heartache for that family. Our hearts & prayers are with them. Can’t even imagine the grief that is being suffered by this family and we pray for mercy and justice.”

Miller received a deferred sentence according to court officials.

Jim Hughes says when Charlene is in stable condition, he will push for changes to the current state statues.

He wants to increase the maximum sentence for repeat offenders.

“It's absolutely an insult that such minimal punishment is all that is available. There's no punishment for repeat offenders,” said Hughes. 

Miller was also tested for various substances after she turned herself in.

Again, around 24 hours had gone by, investigators did not find cause to add additional drug or alcohol charges.

A GoFundMe account remains open for Charlene Hughes. For more information click here

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