OKC Company Offers New Approach To Mental Health

Monday, July 2nd 2018, 7:04 pm
By: Karl Torp

Mental illness doesn't carry the stigma it once did, but trying to improve one's mental health, is not often talked about in society.

A local company is trying to change that by showing how you can train your brain.

Boost was founded by Dr. Seth Hickerson in Oklahoma City last year.

The company offered mental toughness training to athletes.

Now, Hickerson and his team of coaches are launching programs for businesses.

“That split-second decision can cost companies millions of dollars and cost people their jobs,” said Dr. Hickerson.

Companies can sign up for a three week “Cognitive Fitness Boot Camp,” along with other personalized programs.

“We make it hip and fun and not an intervention,” said Dr. Hickerson.

Online coaches work with participants to help them complete a series of tasks, like keeping a journal or offering breathing and meditation techniques.

Dr. Hickerson said it’s a proactive approach to keeping good mental health.

He said like a working out in a gym, your brain also needs to be worked.

“That’s the ultimate thing we are trying to do is provide a new solution, a new option for mental health,” said Dr. Hickerson.

Boost has started working with a Fortune 500 company.

Zappos.com has also shown interest doing the program for its employees.