Close Call After SUV Crashes Through Midtown Bookstore

Wednesday, July 11th 2018, 5:06 pm
By: Karl Torp

A metro bookstore is forever thankful nobody was injured when an SUV came crashing into their business Tuesday afternoon.

The driver of a Mercedes SUV went over the curb on north Walker Avenue near northwest 13th Street and into the children’s section at Commonplace Books in Midtown.

“There isn’t a day that this isn’t full with mommas and babies. We are incredibly fortunate they were here at that moment in time,” says Commonplace owner Ben Nockels.

Books have been moved from busted shelves, debris has been thrown out, and plywood now covers the gaping hole in the side of the business.

Police are now investigating the crash.

Nockels believes the driver was frazzled from an accident that happen at the intersection of 13th and Walker moments before crashing into Commonplace.

“Instead of putting on the brake, he jammed on the gas. He was out of sorts from start to finish,” says Nockels, who tells News 9 the driver wasn’t seriously hurt.

No word yet on the when Commonplace will open back up.

“The damage feels pretty significant,” says Nockels.

Construction on a new kitchen at Commonplace Books is now complete and was not damaged in the crash.

It was expected to start serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner next week.