Family Says Metro Teen's Death Was A Tragic Accident

Wednesday, July 11th 2018, 5:22 pm
By: News 9

The family of a metro shooting victim speaks out about what they said was a tragic accident. Police arrested Guadalupe Ledezma, 17, on Tuesday for the shooting death of Emilio Lopez, 19.

The arrested teen’s mother and victim’s aunt said it is a double loss for her family.

“He’s not a murderer,” said Gracie Lopez, victim’s aunt. “It was an accident and accidents happen.”

This grieving aunt not only lost her nephew but her son is now in jail for the teen's death. She said the two were not only cousins, they were like brothers.

“He loved his cousin,” said Lopez. “They were always together and I know he would have never harmed him.”

Ledezma told investigators they were playing with an AR22-style assault rifle inside his cousin's home. He did not realize the gun was loaded, pulled the trigger and a round hit Lopez. 

“If you don’t know what you’re doing, “ said Lopez. “Things like this happen.”

The 17-year-old tried to take his cousin to the hospital but could not get him into the car. When police arrived to the southwest Oklahoma City home Tuesday afternoon, Lopez was standing next to his cousin's body in the driveway. Police said Lopez had already passed away, a shock to the tight-knit family.   

They are now mourning the loss of two loved ones. Lopez said she has not seen her son since he was taken in for questioning and later booked into jail.

“I haven’t been able to speak with him,” said Lopez. “He’s probably scared.”

She knows her son is also distraught over the death.

“It wasn’t something he wanted to do,” said Lopez. “It was an accident.”

The district attorney will review the case and determine if Ledezema will be charged.