Stillwater Officers Threatened While Arresting Known Criminal, Police Say

Wednesday, July 18th 2018, 11:27 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

29-year-old Ishmael Muhammad is locked up in the Payne County Jail, accused of assaulting a police officer and threatening acts of violence against them.

When investigators took Muhammed into custody, Friday July 13, the suspect was able to tell officers where two detectives lived, and that he would be sending people over to "take care of business," authorities said.

“Indicating he was being very threatening. He gave enough information during that exchange that he did know where he lived,” Captain Kyle Gibbs of the Stillwater Police Department said. “When they can give enough detail like, how you're parking your car at your home, you take that pretty seriously. That's somebody who has invested the time to find out where you live.”

Police found Muhammad unexpectedly.

Officers were responding to a small car burglary around 3 p.m. in the James Creek Addition, when they got another call from dispatch about three suspicious people in the area on bicycles.

Within a few minutes, they say they located Muhammed with two others, Tyler Flint and Taylor Hautala.

Muhammed had a warrant out for his arrest involving a weapon and drug crimes.

“The responding officers, when they saw Ishmael Muhammad, they knew him,” Capt. Gibbs said.

Turns out the three bicycles were also stolen.

Flint is now the main suspect in the initial car burglary report that brought officers to the scene.

Investigators say they have since discovered Flint and Hautala have connections to burglaries around Stillwater.

“Both arrested for concealing stolen property. They had property in their possession at the scene from the burglary that was reported 30 minutes earlier. And, they had stolen property from three other larcenies,’ Capt. Gibbs said.

As for Muhammad, officers say they found “flexeril” pills and a glass pipe on him during the search.

Police say he remains in jail as of Wednesday night, and the stolen property has been returned.