EMSA Warns Oklahoma About Preparing For Record Heat

Friday, July 20th 2018, 10:51 am

Temperatures Friday will feel like 113 degrees. 

That has lead to a heat alert and an ozone alert. It can really impact anyone, especially if you aren't properly preparing or hydrating. 

EMSA said paramedics had seven heat calls Thursday alone. As for the ozone, people with lung conditions or heart disease could struggle outside. 

So Friday is a good day to catch a ride to work instead of walking. As for the heat, EMSA  reminds you to do the basics.That means hydrate, wear light layers of clothing and make sure you're not outside for too long. 

But also, when you are out and about make sure you are checking on everyone. 

"Hydration...people need to stay hydrated. A lot of people are getting caught out in the heat longer than anticipated. Make sure people are taking care of their pets...they can succumb to heat as well. Certainly elderly anyone who don't have air conditioning," said John Graham, EMSA Director. 

Over this year, EMSA said they have received over 130 heat related calls and we haven't even reached August yet.