Many Concerned Religion Played A Role In Lincoln County Teen's Abuse

Friday, July 20th 2018, 10:54 pm
By: News 9

A 15-year-old Lincoln County boy is expected to be in the hospital for several weeks after police say he was found beaten and nearly starved to death.  A religious group often associated with black magic says the boy's family is giving them a bad name.

The boy's parents claim to be practicing Wiccans or witches, fueling beliefs that the boy was harmed as part of a satanic ritual. However, investigators say there’s not any evidence to support that theory.

“Just some people have different thoughts or beliefs in some things, so it's uncommon, but not any indicator of something nefarious going on,” said Lincoln Co. Assistant DA Adam Panter.

While the investigation continues, Wiccan High Priestess Emmah Eastwind wants to set the record straight. She said her religion is often misunderstood. According to Eastwind, contrary to popular belief they do not nurture evil or worship Satan, they don't even believe in hell.

“The main tenant of Wicca is that you harm none, that any energy you put out there is going to return to you 3 fold, if done with intent 10 fold." said Eastwind.

When she learned the details surrounding the case, she like anyone else was appalled and heartbroken.

“Just shock, and so much sadness, I had to hold my onyx just to let that absorb some of my sadness,” said Eastwind.

Nonetheless, after the story broke the public headed to Amy Jones'  Facebook page, unleashing a firestorm of comments. Many of them taking aim at a quote posted by the boy's mother. It read. “At midnight even bad days come to an end. Always believe in majik. I am proud to be a Wiccan.”  

One comment read, "Anyone surprised the pieces of  [Expletive] are Wiccans?"

Another called the religion "Pure Darkness."

And while Eastwind acknowledges that there are Wiccans that practice black magic or magic for evil purposes, she said they don't represent the majority.

“There are people everywhere who try to use their knowledge for personal gain," said Eastwind.