Edmond Public Schools Changes Cellphone Policy

Monday, July 23rd 2018, 5:34 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

There will be no cellphones allowed in class at Edmond Public Schools. The school board voted to revise their policy to limit the use of cellphones beginning this school year.

It's hard to find a teenager without a phone in hand, even in school.

“I use it as a calculator, I use it to text my parents, I use it as a calendar to remind myself of my homework that night,” said student Kaitlyn Root.

But next year, in Edmond schools those phones will have to be put way in their backpack, locker, purse or somewhere else out of sight.

“I think the main goal is we’re trying to enhance what’s happening in the classroom,” said Randy Decker with Edmond Public Schools.

Decker said the change in policy was motivated by an upgrade in technology.

“As the district has moved to a digital one-to-one conversion that every student in the sixth through twelfth grade has a Chromebook, they now have all the tools and resources that they need on that Chromebook. So, it minimizes the need for a phone,” said Decker.

There are exceptions to the policy such as necessary monitoring for students with specific health needs, and specific classes and clubs.

Otherwise, students will have to wait until passing periods and during lunch.

If a student is caught with their phone, it could be confiscated until parents are notified.