My 2 Cents: News 9’s History Of Innovative Storm Forecasting

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 12:23 am
By: News 9

I've long felt that Oklahoma, Oklahoma City in particular, is the Super Bowl of weathercasting. 

For more than 40 years News 9 was fortunate to have the legend Gary England leading our weather team, along the way leading the nation in storm forecasting innovations.

No TV meteorologist issued more lifesaving warnings or tracked more tornadoes ON RADAR than our Gary.

How do you fill the shoes of a guy like that?

You go out and get the TV meteorologist who's tracked more tornadoes live IN THE FIELD than any other, often getting uncomfortably close and loud while doing it.

Same passion, same fascination and respect for mother nature's fury, different styles.

I was lucky to work with Gary for 23 years, David for 5 years now and here's what I've learned about him.  

He's tireless when severe weather cranks up, he laces up his sneakers and goes for hours on the weather wall.

David has an uncanny ability to pick out important nuances in live video being fed back by our storm trackers, no doubt developed during his years chasing tornadoes.

He's taught us terms like Screamin' Eagle and Whales Mouth, and phrases like "Cassie, let's query the data on that."

What you don't see is the admiration, confidence and genuine affection his co-workers here at News 9 have for him, and yes, day to day he's a blast to work with, but I also trust him with my family’s safety.  

Tonight, we're celebrating his 50th birthday, I hope his hair doesn't start... you know.

Happy Birthday bub!

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.