McLoud Mother Shares New Details Involving Fatal Shooting Between Two Brothers

Tuesday, July 24th 2018, 11:50 pm

A family remains heartbroken after a tragic shooting between two teenage brothers took place back on July 5.

The case was declared self-defense by the Lincoln County District Attorney last week, but the mother of the boys says her family still has a lot to overcome.

Christina Prado says she still doesn't have a headstone for her son, 17-year-old Rayden French, and she must also pay off his funeral expenses.

She says a family member has loaned them money for the time being.

“Not a day or minute that goes by, that we don't think about him, or wish things would have gone differently,” Prado said. “My son is no longer suffering behind closed doors with him, what we witnessed, what we saw.”

According to Prado, on the morning of the shooting, French was under the influence of a substance.

He had been to inpatient services before and was scheduled to go again.

Police say he had a violent history.

Prado says her 19-year-old son was trying to intervene during a fight inside the family’s home after French lunged at her.

She adds the teen was not experienced with weapons.

“People rush to judge who weren't there, you know?” Prado asked.

French leaves behind a 6-month-old baby girl.

Prado will now help take care of his daughter.

She also recently battled cancer and she says money is tight right now. But, she has to be strong to raise her other children and granddaughter.

“I know there must be something God knows that we didn't,” Prado said.

A gofundme link has been set-up to help pay for Rayden’s final expenses.

Any contributions that exceed the goal will be placed in an account for his daughter according to the family.