City Warns Of Suspicious Self-Proclaimed 'Line Maintenance Inspector' In Yukon

Wednesday, July 25th 2018, 7:40 pm
By: News 9

The resident of a Yukon home realized red flags after a self-proclaimed “line maintenance inspector” left his property. He began his own investigation by reaching out to friends and neighbors to see if something similar had happened to them in the same area.

“He came up and took a picture of our address on the way up and then what looks like a picture of our key lock on the door. Well, I guess key code lock,” Bret Thomas, the homeowner, said.

Surveillance video from Thomas’ home shows the entire encounter between him and a man claiming he works for the city. The man's first statement was that he was just checking to see if the property was occupied.

“Everyone knows the house is occupied, like it’s obvious,” said Thomas.

After feeling uneasy about Tuesday's interaction, Bret began to do some digging.

Wednesday morning, he paid a visit to Yukon City Hall, where he was then asked to talk with police. Since no criminal act was committed, officers took note of the incident, but did not file a report.

After News 9 reached out to the city manager, Yukon Police paid the Thomas residence a visit.

“They did come back. I guess because they got word from the city that this was not their worker,” Thomas said.

The city manager said employees have official attire, an official City of Yukon truck, and identification. This man had none.

“We don't have any clue why he would have picked this house, or what's going on,” he said.

Now, Bret says a word of advice would be to ask more questions and ask to see their official identification.

If you have had an encounter similar to this, the City of Yukon asks that you call officials immediately.