Construction Workers In Nichols Hills Targeted In Weekend Theft

Friday, July 27th 2018, 5:57 pm

The site of a new housing addition was targeted by thieves over the weekend.

Victims said three men drove into their construction site at Cumberland Court off Western Avenue and stole a trailer and tools.

“Monday morning, we got a call from our builder at the development, and they told us that a trailer came up missing,” said LJ Clark who works for the developer of Cumberland Court.

The loss totaled more than $6,000 and multiple security cameras captured the entire crime.

Nichols Hills police officers are trying to enhance those images so they can get a better look at the license plate.

“We have worked with the OSBI to clarify the video footage. The video footage is extremely clear. It offers some really good images to us,” said Detective Brandon Ridgeway of the Nichols Hills Police Department.

He said construction sites can be easy targets.

In many cases, neighbors haven't moved in yet so thieves can scope out the area from their vehicles.

In this investigation, the suspect's pickup stands out.

Police tracked down data and said not a lot of people have a Ford F-350 dually in the area.

“The truck looks like it may have some damage to the  driver's side rear panel,” said Ridgeway.

While police are looking for the suspect's vehicle, the loss of the trailer is a big hit to workers.

Friends of the victims said they've had to borrow tools from others to continue their work.

“If we don't get any of our tools back, we want to deter the next thief that makes them think twice about coming around here,” said Clark.

Police will contact other agencies to see if other departments have similar reports in their jurisdictions.

Police also recommended to always make a record of your serial numbers on construction items in case they ever do go missing.

Anyone with information is asked to call the police.