Oklahoma City Firefighter Delivers Baby

Friday, July 27th 2018, 10:30 pm
By: News 9

Corporal Tyler Iago has saved dozens of lives with the Oklahoma City Fire Departments, but found himself in uncharted territory June 2nd. 

"When we got there, the mother was actively giving birth. We were able to walk in and start doing what we were trained to do," said Iago. 

Iago was the staffed paramedic at the time of the call. Within moments of being by the mother's side, baby Wynnie was born.

Today, the baby's mother was re-introduced to the firemen, to say thank you. 

"It could have been very different if they hadn't got there in time. When she was born, the cord was actually wrapped around her neck. So if he handn't been there, we would've been like you know 'what do we do?" said Wynnie's mother Whitney Waggoner. 

32 of the 36 fire engines across the Oklahoma City Fire Department are staffed with a paramedic who is capable of advanced life support. With the dynamic nature of the job, a firefighter knows what to expect, but must be ready for anything. 

Firefighters rarely have the opportunity to reunite with the people they come in contact with. So Friday was an emotional experience for the firefighters who were able to assist the Waggoner family. 

"Often times we're with them in a matter of minutes, and we never see them again. So to get to deliver a baby, and then have the chance a month or so later to get to reunite with the mother and the child is just something special that we just don't get to do very often," said Iago. 

It may have been Corporal Iago's first time handling a delivery, but he doesn't expect it to be his last.